Meet Dr. Peter Dalpizzol

Improving Lives and Smiles

Dr. Peter DalPizzol, a New Jersey native, has been creating healthy smiles for more than 25 years. Whether he’s moving a patient out of pain, restoring their ability to chew comfortably, or making a smile even more beautiful, he’s making a positive change in the patient’s life. For Dr. DalPizzol, that is the most rewarding aspect of dentistry: creating lasting, healthy changes for people he cares about.

When he first meets a patient, Dr. DalPizzol asks about the goals and concerns, as well as their lifestyle. After examining the person’s mouth, he develops a custom care plan. The resulting treatment is effective, efficient, and gives the person the lasting, wonderful results they desire.

The relationships Dr. DalPizzol has developed with his patients make him look forward to coming to the office. He enjoys conversing with new patients and learning about their lives. He equally enjoys catching up on the news from his established patients. Because the practice serves people from all walks of life, he’s constantly learning from his patients’ stories: about the world and about himself. He thrives on these exchanges and looks forward to each.

Education and Commitment to Continuing Education

Dr. DalPizzol’s Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) was awarded by Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

The pursuit of continuing dental education is one of the keys to Dr. DalPizzol’s success as a dentist. He’s committed to staying at the forefront of new dental technologies, techniques, and materials. By constantly learning and expanding his skills, he ensures his patients receive the high quality care and incredible results they deserve.

Throughout the year, Dr. DalPizzol takes continuing education courses at seminars, conferences, and oral healthcare meetings. He also stays abreast of the latest research findings through refereed publications, too.

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